15 November 2005

Victoria University Pacific Studies Workshop on Fiji and Solomons

Two-Day Workshop on Fiji and Solomon Islands sponsored by Institute of Geography, Politics and International Relations Programme and the Programme in Pacific Studies, 6 Kelburn Parade Seminar Room
29 August, General Introduction
  • 8:30am-9:00am: Registration
  • 9:15am: Opening Remarks: Rod Alley, Warwick Murray, Teresia Teaiwa
  • 9:30am: John Henderson (POLS, Canterbury)
    · 10:00am: Shane Cave (Transparency International)
  • 10:45am: TEA BREAK
29 August, Fiji: Reviews and Previews
  • 11:00am: Sai Lealea (Ministry of Pacific Islands Affairs): "Understanding Fijian aspirations for Fiji in terms of a Strong State Ideology"
  • 11:30am: Doug Munro (VUW, Stout Centre): "The Collapse of the National Bank of Fiji as a Governance Issue"
  • 12:00pm: Sue Carswell (Ministry of Justice): "The socio-economy of smallholder sugar cane farms in Fiji—perspectives from the farm"
  • 12:30pm:Warwick Murray (Geography/Development Studies, VUW): "A Uniquely Unstable Political Geography? Mapping the Fiji Elections 1999 and 2001"
  • 1:00pm: LUNCH BREAK
  • 2:00pm: Video Premiere: "Race for Rights" by Larry Thomas
  • 3:00pm: Panel Discussion: Nancy Sheehan (Nancy Sheehan and Associates), Raymond Young (Open Polytechnic), Doug Dawick (Marist Brothers)
  • 4:30pm: BOOK LAUNCH: Professor Rod Alley to launch Roman Grynberg, Doug Munro and Michael White, Crisis: the collapse of the National Bank of Fiji. Adelaide; Crawford House, 2002