30 August 2007

Pacific Housing Research 2007

Pacific Housing Experiences:
Developing Trends and Issues

Koloto & Associates Ltd/
New Zealand Institute of Economic
Research/Gray Matter Research Ltd


Centre for Housing Research,
Aotearoa New Zealand


The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs

We would like to acknowledge the goodwill, support and contributions of many people, which helped made this research possible.

Centre for Housing Research Aotearoa New Zealand and Ministry of Pacific
Islands Affairs (MPIA)

The study was made possible with funding from the Centre for Housing Research Aotearoa New Zealand (CHRANZ) and the Ministry of Pacific Islands Affairs (MPIA). We thank Terrence Aschoff, CHRANZ Manager, and Sai Lealea, Director of Monitoring and Governance, MPIA, for their ongoing support of the research consortium during the duration of this study.

We would also like to thank the reviewers from other Government agencies who gave up time to provide constructive feedback on the first draft of this final report.

Research Participants and Communities
Special appreciation goes to the 211 Pacific participants who made time to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas, without which this study would not have been possible. We also acknowledge the various community groups and individuals in Whangarei, Auckland, Tokoroa, Wellington and Christchurch who assisted with catering and the organisation of the community fono.

Research Consortium
Our thanks also go to the members of the research consortium - Alison Gray from Gray Matter Research Limited; Ian Duncan, Jean-Pierre de Raad and Alice Wang from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research; and the research team from Koloto and Associates Ltd – ‘Alisi Numia Katoanga, Takinga-Iva Singsam, Christina Atoa Tapu, Tupae Pepe, Moetagi Fakaalofa, Rennie Douglas, Losaline Tuivakano, Fuaao Stowers and Siniva Talaga, and the administration staff, Emosi Koloto and Semisi Koloto.

Thank you all for your commitments to this research project.

Dr ‘Ana Hau’alofa’ia Koloto

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